Topovoros is the greek translation of the neologism locavore, a term that describes a group of people who consume only locally grown food. Topovoros Books is a publishing initiative, whose structure follows, as its name suggests, the dynamics and ethics of the gastronomic category from which it is inspired: The books of the publications are products of a strictly local approach to the distribution of knowledge and ideas: they are designed, printed, bound and distributed exclusively within the 900 acres in the area of Exarchia of Athens, Greece. Topovoros is both a fragile and uniquely resilient small catalog that has been able to consolidate a sizeable community of readers and thinkers in Greece whose catalog includes translated works from Donna Haraway, Laboria Cuboniks, Hélène Cixous, Craig Dworkin, Guy Hocquenghem, Benjamin Bratton, Laurent de Sutter, McKenzie Wark, Kenneth Goldsmith, et al.