What is the potential impact of AI technologies on comics, a medium that has historically served as a laboratory for today’s global entertainment industries? With the term “synthetic comics,” we describe comics content that was generated, modified or manipulated in a highly automated manner by way of machine learning. Their forms, material qualities and operations are often delegated to technical systems programmed to generate a supply of unique outputs based on large annotated datasets. Computation is, therefore, an essential part of their production, and fundamental for understanding and constructing the intersubjective experience these works make possible. Echo Chamber’s Synthetic proposes to examine synthetic comics and to approach them as a large ontology of non-photographic, metadata-rich imagery, related to the generative capacities and computational affordances of online media abundance. Our current productions involve two published comic books (Le VTT Comme je l’aime and Fastwalkers) and a cartoon generator (The Neural Yorker) co-created with emergent AI.