Synthetic Comics

Speculations about the growing role of automation in artistic production have been a consistent trope in modern and contemporary art debates throughout the twentieth century and on. But as far as comics is concerned, since the early beginnings, its industries and the various publishing conglomerates have expanded symbiotically alongside the development of printing, distribution, and communication technologies. Well into the twenty-first century, comics a highly digitized medium, lends itself to the programmatic processes that define machine learning, as generative algorithms are gradually reshaping how we produce, consume, archive and understand comics. Echo Chamber proposes to examine synthetic comics and how their computational qualities play out the aggregate nature of knowledge exchange in the semiocapitalist age and reveal the latent space lurking in the reader’s cognition. Our current productions involve two comic books (Le VTT Comme je l’aime and Fastwalkers) and a cartoon generator (The Neural Yorker) co-created with emergent AI.

For more information, follow Ilan Manouach’s interview on Deutsche Welle’s Innovation blog.