Applied Memetic

Applied Memetic is a knowledge-rich, experimental transdisciplinary project, that pushes the boundaries of the comics medium by embracing a machinic, non-human understanding of the comics medium. It has the aspiration to produce the first graphic novel entirely generated by Artificial Intelligence. The project represents a considerable technical and artistic challenge as it explores a set of unconventional operations that don’t account for the production of comic books: webscraping, image classification, computer vision, indexation, coding, database building and cloud computation. It acknowledges therefore the matter-of-factness of the available technological tools and certainly not in terms of a reified glorification based on questions of progress or innovation. At best, as a reconfiguration of the industry’s entrenched roles of production. The work will be entirely generated using the most up to date algorithmic architectures in Deep Neural Networks (GANs, RNNs and LSTM). We are interested in what they are most capable of producing: a machinic understanding of comics in all its dazzliness, druginess and eeriness.