Shapereader is a system for tactile storytelling initially designed for blind and partially sighted readers/makers of comics. It has been presented and discussed internationally in a variety of contexts: artistic, academic, literary and regarding diffabilities.

Futures of Comics

Through reading sessions, artist talks, various workshops open to the general public, a symposium and the production of a temporary library / reading space, Futures of Comics attempts to document and reflect on contemporary artistic practices in comics in a globalized industry.

Applied Memetic

Applied Memetic is an innovation group with the goal to bring machine learning in the art of comics making and produce the first printed and largely distributed graphic novel made entirely with Artificial Neural Networks.

In an age where public libraries are an endangered institution, Shadow Libraries emerge as new, vital topographies of sharing. We care about comics preservation and in collaboration with Monoskop we propose a small digital collection of radical, conceptual comics.