Judaism is a culture of performative storytelling established through liturgical but also secular discursive rituals of interpretation and argumentation. The Tactile Haggadah workshop was organized at the Binyamin Gallery in Tel Aviv and is a speculative reenactment of the communal reading of the Passover text. During the workshop, the attendants, consisting of conceptual poets and Haggadah scholars, experimented with nonlinear narrative structures driven by the juxtaposition of multiple spaces, times, voices and narratives . The set of Shapereader plates was the vehicle for an unrooted, deterritorialized and community- specific language echoing the multiplicity and constant uprooting of modern Jewish history. (Photo credits: Pinelopi Gerasimou)

  • Specifications

    8 different designs
    Trespa Meteon panels

  • Dimensions

    50 x 50 x 0.8 cm