ECHO CHAMBER is a small-scale, non-profit organization based in Brussels. It has the mission to research, document and occasionally raise funds for the production of radical works and to strengthen speculative practices in the field of contemporary comics. Its programme consists in the following engagement formats: 1) Shapereader, an international system of tactile communication for comics makers with visual disabilities. 2) Futures of Comics, a public programme of non-academic research in comics. 3) Synthetic Comics, a production team dedicated to the integration of computational tools in the production of comics. 4) Disintegration, a portfolio of media conservation techniques for comics collectorship. 5) Publishing comics research, a collaboration with academic publishers for comics scholarship. 6) Comics Archives on Monoskop and Ubuweb. 7) Topovoros, a publishing initiative based in Athens. 8) a Residency program for emerging and mid-career comics professionals (currently in beta phase). 9) an Internship program that explores the ethics and politics of comics in the age of Big Data.